PPV not Reversing when Issuing Credit Memo

Hello there, I have been testing the purchase return order of Navision Attain 3.1 Following are the set up: General POsting Group and General Product POsting Group: Purchase A/C : 720801 (Purchases) Purchase Credit Memo:720801 (Purchases) Purchase Line Discount:720801 (Purchases) Purchase Invoice Dicsount:720801 (Purchases) Inventory Adjustment:720802 (Direct Cost for Inventory) Direct Cost applied:720802 (Direct Cost for Inventory) Purchase Variance:120425 (Inventory Health Clearing) General Posting Group: Inventory Adjustment: 120485 (Stock Adjustment) Inventory Posting Group: Inventory A/C:120410 (Inventory Health Trdg) Inventory A/C (Interim): 120480 (Inventory Interim) Inventory Posting Set Up: Inventory A/C: 120410 (Inventory Health Trdg) Inventory A/C (Interim): 120480 (Inventory Interim) Steps: 1. Create a purchase order - no G/L entry 2. Receive PO qty Dr 120480 2,011 (std cost) Cr 210190 2,011 3. PO Invoice 1) Dr 120410 1,608 Cr 720802 1,608 2) Dr 120410 403 (PPV) Cr 120425 403 3) Dr 720801 1,608 120510 48.24 Cr 210150 1,656.24 4. Create a purchase return order Dr 210190 2,011 (std cost) Cr 120480 2,011 5. Posted purchase return order 1) Dr 720802 2,011 (std cost) Cr 120410 2,011 2) Dr 210150 1,656.24 Cr 720801 1,608 120510 48.24 You’ll noticed that everything else is reversing except for the purchase price variance. Can anyone tell me is there something wrong in my set up, did I missed out anything? Or is this standard in Navision, if it is, this is wrong.

Hi Lucily I bet the “Exact Cost Reversing” is not ticked in the PO set-up. I hope this helps. Steve

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