Power BI Access to Aggregate Measurement

Hi all,

I need to create a report in Power BI that can get the data from Aggregated Measurement in D365FO.

I followed the steps provided by this article: https://www.powerobjects.com/2018/06/25/how-to-integrate-power-bi-with-dynamics-365-for-finance-and-operations/

In summary:

  1. Create app in https://dev.powerbi.com/apps

  2. Setup Power BI integration in D365FO providing client id & client secret provided by step #1

  3. Create power bi report in Sandbox development VM (single box VM) then connect data set to local data warehouse database (AxDW).

  4. Publish the report then found error message saying there’s no gateway.

I fully understand why the error happened since the power bi service can directly connect to database AxDW, but how do i do that then?

If i need to install On-Premise Data Gateway on the VM, then how do i setup the same configuration in production environment since i cannot access the production VMs?

Please advise.
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https://www.powerobjects.com/2018/06/25/how-to-integrate-power-bi-with-dynamics-365-for-finance-and-operations.it is also usefull for u