POurchase Planned orders with wrong results


After MRP Run , I see that I have 2 planned purchase orders for the same item with the same delivery date , same required date, same quantity from the same warehouse . Both planned orders are pegged to 2 different transfer orders, so why I dont have ONLY one planned purchase order?

In my case , the Item coverage period is requirement . In which case , can we expect to see this type of results???

Jsut a quick note : Is it possible to have the same planned order when running Master plan and Dynamic plan ? In this case , it may explain. any idea is welcome as I am trying to understand the logic behind both plans.

If it is requirement you will have 2 purchase orders.

in this case, requirement date is the same unless I don’t understand the meaning of requirement date.

Also another point. Why I have 3 transfer order shipment ( from there 2 transfer order shipment has requirement date = 0404 ; 1 transfer order shipment has requirement date = 0121) pegging to one Planned purchase order when the item has "Requirement " as coverage code??

The concept is “Requirement” not “Requirement Date” so it sees them as two separate requirements and plans accordingly.

Yes if requirement then you need to look upstream - the planned PO is inbound and the transfer order will be supplying three separate demands.

Yes if requirement then you need to look upstream - the planned PO is inbound and the transfer order will be supplying three separate demands.

OK. Please adam hold on here. Can you explain that in more details because I am lost ?

I have an item which has coverage period = requirement. After MRP run, system gives 3 different Transfer order shipment pegging to the same Planned purchase order. For me, I expected to have 3 planned purchase orders as I have 3 requirements.

A transfer shipment is taking something out. Which maybe related to a planned transfer order, which maybe covered by numerous other elements of stock or demand, so you need to look at the net requirements and pegging to ensure you understand the flow - quite difficult to do with words on a forum, a picture paints a thousand words. The item coverage can also be overridden by site and warehouse so you need to verify the rules of each transfer - you cannot say an item is of type requirement when it can be configured to be multiple, so you need to go back through the setup and verify it.

I agree with what you say Adam. However, I just want to make sure i understand the coverage code : Requirement.

Let say you have 4 requirements : 2 sales orders ( with dues dates as 0410 and 0411) and 2 transfer shipment ( due dates as 0410 and 0412), does it means system will generate 4 planned orders instead of 3 planned orders ( base on requirement date) as I thought.

please confirm or explain . this is where I am confused.

There is no straight answer to that question because you have not said “where” this is happening or what you mean by transfer shipment. Put simply if you had 4 lines going out of warehouse A on 0410 with requirement setup AX would plan to fulfill this with 4 replenishment order lines, assuming the item coverage is set generic. However if the TO is linked to supply the SO the answer is not the same.

OK, I just check the settings of the item coverage on the concerned warehouse for transfer shipment and this is what I have:

  • Site specific orders/Inventory tab/ Override set to YES …no information in sitting there

  • default order settings/ General Tab/default order type = production

Also those 3 transfer orders have action message to advance the date to a another date : 0307

You have not said what the item coverage setting for the warehouse/item, you have listed the site and default order settings, you need to look at the item coverage setting and look at the coverage code etc.

In your example 3 outbound transfer orders would create 3 replenishment lines, but to be honest the information provided gives me no ability to say anything else. Why not simply test it. Create a new item, give it a real requirement code (not demo data rubbish) load 2 sales orders on the same warehouse going out today, load two transfer orders on the same warehouse as the sales order going to a different warehouse today. It will create 4 purchase lines into the one warehouse for the same item on the same day.

Hi Adam, You’re right. I did have 4 PO lines base on the what you said. I have a better understanding on what "requirement code " means. Thanks