Postings set up

We have recently installed Navision and are concerned that the posting setups are incorrect for the stock transactions. Please could you advise where all of the stock transactions should go on the Chart of Accounts ( General ledger) for the following- stating whether Balance Sheet or Income/statement transactions.:- Purchase Oder, Receipt and Invoice Sales order, Dispatch and Invoice Inventory adjustments. We also use Standard Costing which can incur variances. Where should these be posted to (BS and or P/L)? Should the Goods Despatched not Invoiced and Goods Received not Invoiced GL codes be Balance Sheet or Income/Statement .

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


If you can access a CRONUS (=NAV Demo company), then look at the setup there. It gives a very good picture how the setup is meant to be.

Surely this is software unrelated - where does your accountant want to see these accounts in the reporting structure? - the accountant will obey accounting conventions, unless you are saying they do not know if GRNI is a balance sheet or profit and loss account?