Postings Journals With foreign currencies

Hi Forum,

Can u tell me how to post the journal transaction b/w two bank accts of different foreign currencies. There is an account called " APPLICATION ROUNDING" which is an expense account. Is this the account through which I have to balance the journal line. If so then i’m unable to insert the Conv LCY Rounding Lines automatically i.e. through FUNCTIONS . Shall I populate the Journal line manually with this account and then post. Kindly reply.


Load a 3 line journal, out of one bank, into another and the difference direct to a GL account of your choosing.


Thanks for the reply . Can you elucidate more on your reply .I 'm unable to get u.

One journal line removes “x” from one bank account

Second journal line puts “x” into another bank account

Third line deals with the currency difference direct to a ledger account.

oh thanks very much. it sounded so simple. thanks once again .