Posting Zero Finished on Production Orders

I work in a MFG company running 2.65 NavFin. All of our component material on Production Orders are forward flushed when the order is released. Periodic Activities posts a negative adjustment to the GL from the inventory account and adds the cost to the WIP account. OK so Far. If the order is completed at zero - everything was scrap, nothing posts to the GL to clear the dollars in WIP. Has anyone seen this - have a solution etc.

Yes. I have version 3.7 and the only solution I’ve found is to go to the Comsumption Journal before changing status to finished and post negative quantities for the forward flush items. This reverses the entries and you are OK. You can also ask your NSC to create a MOD to effectively re-open the Finished Order so you can apply the entries and close out the WIP to zero.

Hi Matthew As David Huchinson stated in your quesiton previously: Your only real options are; 1. Upgrade 2. Report production and then remove the stock. Modifying it would be very tricky due to all the other issues in this area in the earlier versions, but of course it is an option!