Posting wrong amount after prepayment


In Nav 5.0 it seems there is a bug.

In “Sales & Marketing” → “Orders” I create an order and prepay partially or fully. Then I pay it in the journal and after that I post the order separately like “Ship” and then “Invoice”. And when I go to the customer and check the amounts of the posted order it doesn’t concern about any prepayment it invoices fully.

If it is fully prepaid the posted order invoices fully again and I can see the document “Open”.

My project manager found a hotfix for this and it seems it doesn’t work for this.

Please, if there is any solution for this let me know [-o< .

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Are you applying the correct procedure for prepayments? To process prepayment you have to create sales order with prepayment and then post the prepayment and after that you ship and invoice the sales order. i dont think there is a bug.

Yes, on the header I specify the prepayment % and post the prepayment. then I post the order.

I’m having the error still. Did you try it on 5.0 it may be fixed in 5.0 SP1.

But the error occurs when I do Ship, Post separately. If I do it in same time it works with no error.

It works fine in NAV 5.0 sp1, unfortunately i dont have NAV 5.0 at the moment. What error are you getting when shipping separately?

In blue box you can see similar document posted after full prepayment with “ship and invoice” procedure.

If you see here in the red box you see separately shipped and posted document after full prepayment. It should be same as what is in the blue box.

I am sorry i am not sure what is wrong with it, for me i dont find any problem at my side as i have tried this too, i am sure you will find the solution.

Is there anybody who knows about this issue?