Posting with NAS

We have a situtation where we would like to have payments posted off-hours. We have found that even with a small to medium sized amount of payments, it tends to lock up Navision terribly. We are on 3.7 executable with 2.6 objects. I would like to use NAS to pick up the payment journals and post them at a particular time. Could someone give me a heads up on how to do that in terms of how you instantiate a posting routine in NAS and how to post just cash journals, etc. Thanks

Devin, You could have a payment journal batch dedicated to NAS posting. Whatever the process you currently have for entering payment journals, either manual or automated should enter them under this batch name. The NAS client is always running but it could control a routine that periodically looks at the system time or uses the Navision Timer COM object to begin the posting of the batch at the time you specify. At the specified time NAS calls a routine that filters the journal records by the defined template and batch criteria and then passes them to the posting codeunit. We have done an inplementation on the above principals… everything is driven through setup values (i.e. the batch name and the Timer interval) so the user can control the process without needing to go into code. We also have a log table to indicate when NAS atempted to do the posting and report any errors. Eg.Because NAS operates in a GUI’less environment you might need to add some validatation to catch errors that would normally be promted to the user (eg check the vendor code before trying to post the journal line.) Chris.