Posting WIP to FG for partially completed Oder.

Hi, The PRoduction Order is for 10 Nos of an Item. Out of 10 Nos, production of 1 No has been completed and out put for same is posted. Now the question is- Is it possible or is there any work around to transfer the WIP cost of this one Item alone to FG? Please note that still 9 Nos are yet to be completed and as such Prod Order is still in released Staus. Thanks in advance. Vijay.

Hi, If you turn on “Expected Cost Posting” system will credit “WIP Account” for Standard Cost of the Item and Debit “Inventory Account (Interim)” when user process output Journal. System will credit “Inventory Account (Interim)” and Debit “Inventory Account” for standard cost and post Production Variances when Production Order is closed.