Posting Vendor Invoice

Hi All,

While Posting the Purchase Order Invoice , Invoice is Posted ,

I have to settle the Invoice Amount for that Vendor. I am opening the AP->Vendor ->Settle Open Transactions form ,in that form the Posted Invoice is not coming . I have to search the records in VendTrans and VendTransOpen table.

In VendTrans Table Record is Created, But in VendTransOpen Table Record is not created.

For AP->Invoice Journal Posted Records are inserted in Both table.

For PO Invoice Only Issues Occurs.

Please Suggest the Solution,

It seems the invoice is settled automatically with an open payment. You can verify the same from Closed transaction editing.

Hi Sachin ,

thanks for the reply

In Closed Transaction also there is no record.

are you able to see the transaction in Vendor transactions? if so, what is the “Balance” field showing on the record?

Hi santosh,

thank you for the reply.

In Vendor Transaction Record is there and Balance field also Showing the Amount.

But, In Vendor Settlement is Record not Coming.

I find the Problem. In AX there are

two Tables are using for Vendor Transaction…

1.VendTrans - Record is Inserted

2.VendTransOpen - Record is not Inserted

In VendTransOpen table the related record is not Inserted that’s the problem.