Posting VAT only to Fullvat

Hi Forum, it has beed so long since I had to post an invoice for vat only to the Fullvat that I cannot remember how its done, can someone please remind me, thanks

Hi Paul

You need a VAT Setup with the appropriate Business code and Vat Product code for FULL VAT, set the line to be of the type FULL VAT and the G/L accounts appropriately. Now you have connected a GL account to FULL VAT you need to process the invoice to this account, directly on the line you can set the VAT posting groups if visible or have the groups pre-defined in your FULL VAT GL account (advised to be separate).

Hi Steve, I was hoping you might be watching the forum. Basically, I had remembered correctly but was unsure as its been ages. So raise an invoice and specify the G/L Account on the line along with the appropriate VBPG and VPPG. I was worried that if I did it wrong I would mess up the VAT Entry table. Thanks and thats another beer I owe you

F9, statistics form, will give you needed assurance before posting an invoice…