posting Transfer Order from Posted Purchase Receipts:

Regarding posting Transfer Order from Posted Purchase Receipts:

For example in the Posted Purchase Receipt there are five lines

Item Quantity

A 50
B 20
C 10
D 15
E 25

Now I want to create a Transfer Order From Warehouse to all the stores (Location table), with different
quantities at various locations, as follows:

Item Quantity Location1 Location2 Location3 Location N

A 50 10 2 4 6
B 20 4 5 6 7
C 10 2 1 2 6
D 15 3 … … —
E 25 4 ---- ----- --------

After entering these quantities values, I need to post the transfer orders automatically, through coding.

For doing this , I think a matrix form (editable , where user can enter the quantity for each location), is required. Is there any simple way to do this , or is there something similar in Navision with LS Retail Base (I am using Nav 5.0.).

Please suggest.

Hi Dhan Raj,

Look at this in two steps:

Step one is the data entry process, which as you say makes most sense as a matrix form. On the list part you would have Item, Location, Qty On Hand. In the matrix you would have locations, and a decimal variable as source expression. In this variable you would store the Qty to transfer.

Step two is to post. First work out how to retreive the Qty from step one. Then:

there is a littel documented feature in Navision, that in a normal Item Journal, you can use Type = Transfer (instead of Positive, negative Purchase etc) in this case you just enter the base details and post the line, that way there is no need to go through all the hassle of creating Transfer orders, so the code is very simple.

But I am stuck at First work out how to retreive the Qty from step one…

How to retrieve these values ?..I have seen Budgets Form and tried that way, but could not make it work…

I tried to insert these values in another table, onvalidate trigger of the Variable and it works fine but Once I close this form and when reopen it I get this quantity value as 0…

The core issue here is to decide where to store these values. They need to be put in a table somewhere. The decision on this in my opinion boils down to the process doing one of two things. Either it is a persistent process, where the user can start now and come back tomorrow to finish it. Or it is a one off transaction that begins when the form opens, and ends when the form closes. I would go for the first option.

The next step is to decide which table. You can use an existing table or create a new one, but this case, I would use table 83. The reason being that you are eventually going to need the data in there anyway, so why not do it that way from the start.

Now create a copy of Form 393 as Item Transfer Journal and

  • add Transfer option to the Entry Type Field.
  • Add the field :New Location"
  • And remove the code that disallows transfers.

New create your Matrix form, and design it so that it opens from your new Item Transfer Journal form and passes the Template and batch names across.

Now add code so that calculates the qty to transfer from the journal into the matrix and then code that if the user modifies the value,t hen it deletes, modifies or inserts the appropriate record in table 83.

That’s basically it, and now you just post the journal.

One thing you need to consider is the Source table for the Matrix box, there are two options ;27-Item and 83 journal Line.

Using Item table has the advantage “that you see all items even if you don’t need to” , the disadvantage is “that you see all items even if you don’t need to”.

Using the Journal has the disadvantage “that you only see items in the matrix if you first enter them into the Journal”, but has the advantage “that you only see items in the matrix if you first enter them into the Journal” you need to decide.

Oh and using the Journal makes the code a very little bit easier but not much. Be careful though, since once you decide, its hard to change later.

Is it not just as easy to do an item reclassifaction journal and post that, or am I missing something?

Yes you are correct, you can copy 393 or form 40 it makes no big difference, but 393 is more logical since it is already defaulted to transfer with New Location. For me its just an old habit of always starting with Form 40.

Thanks a ton David and KDM…I am about to complete the development of this functionality…