Posting to Chart of Account in general journal without balance acct. type

Dear All,
it is really surprised, dissappointed and unconvenient that I can also post amount directly to G/L without using balance acct type, where beforehand I didn’t know. All that I must do to assure that I post to correct G/L account no. and the total balance amount in the frame is zero. Although the G/L account nos are various and different but if some of them credit and other debit, the total must keep zero, I can post the general journal. It’s really bitter. In all messages I post and all answer I received, there was no such answer that I can use general journal without balance acc. type, as long as the balance total zero and G/L account nos. are correct. I am very ashamed for this before my staffs, they told me they could do it.



You do not need to use the balancing accounts, as long as the journal balances, so you can have two lines balancing to zero with no balancing account. Generally the concept of double entry bookkeeping is to have two entries in this manner, it is critical to the nature of accountancy - I strongly suggest you talk to your accountant about this and your actual issue - as you do not really tell us what it is here. It does not even have to balance by document type or number if you set the journal up correctly, just the date.

Dear Andreas,

I understand that you are unhappy with all of us that nobody told you about using several lines without a balancing account.

I am sorry for your embaressment but it will not be the last time your users will tell you about something you feel you should have known.

Please remember, Navision is a sometimes obscure and complex tool, there are many ways to do certain jobs and the help text and answers you may get there are always going to be short without giveing all the possibilities.

Sometimes you need to have a problem before you can understand the reason for the functions. For example, if you have cash received in a different currency with bank charges you would enter a 3 line journal without any balancing entry.

Line 1 Customer - Apply the invoice in Ringits (LCY)

Line 2 Bank (USD) enter what has been paid in as per the bank document

Line 3 G/L for the bank charges and roundings (usually the balance).

In short, there is no way you can make such an entry by using a balancing account.

You should (in my opinion) never be ashamed of being ignorant of some aspect of navision or anything else, remember the old quote “We are all ignorant, just on different subjects”.

If the users tell me something I did not know (or remind me of something I had forgotten), I just smile and thank them. my philosophy has always been to try and keep one step ahead of the users, sometimes you just cannot do it.

Nicely put colingbradley

Hi Steven,
It is been clear now about the answer of my question. I thought it couldn’t but it could.
I understand now. I think you can close this topic


Dear old friend,
Tku for your detail answer. I know it’s hard to listen to staffs level suggestion to
me because it will make them too optimistic and the order from me will not become
their guide or they can also not listen at me. Although, now it doesn’t seems like that
but if we let it be, I will not agree to let them give order to me.
Anyway, your detail answer will give me more understanding, and seems more understable