Posting Statement


im posting statement from back-office;

here’s the message appeared “Gen. Posting Type must not be in Gen Journal Line Journal template Name=”,Journal Batch Name=",Line No.=‘0’.

thanks in advance!

Is that complete error message? Gen. Posting Type must not be-------? t

It seems Gen. Posting Type field should not be blank

thanks for the quick reply!

It seems Gen. Posting Type field should not be blank?

can you please explain in details…

thanks in advance!

That’s exactly what is meant by this message.

Msg text is built from “parts”, so you do not see blank value, but there actually are 2 spaces between “…not be” and “in Gen…” In case when concrete value is not allowed, this value is inserted in that place and everything looks OK.

Earlier versions were smart enough to show two single quotes like “…not be ‘’ in…” but that confused users.

What are you trying to post?

If you are posting directly to a GL Account, check from the GL Account card if the account has any GL Posting type(, sales,purchase).

there was a purchase on GL Account