Posting SO Invoice


I need help in posting SO invoice. This invoice logic should trigger automatically when the corresponding PO invoice posted.

The SO invoice depends on PO Invoice lines and qty. We need to post the Invoice for only the quantity of the lines invoiced on PO. (Provide me logic for this if u have similar one)

I am little bit confused with SalesUpdate parameter in SalesFormLetter.Update(), if any body please explain me the SalesUpdate type values in detail with perfect purpose in using the type.

Thank in advance.

Praveen Kumar B.

Well in that i would have suggested my developer to do something in PO posting class. The PO lines has SO reference if the order has relation. The moment PO is posted, at the same time SO invoice should be triggered.

Please note this won’t be a simple customization. Since automatic posting is required, it may have some complications. I will also suggest to involve someone from finance background into this customization.