Posting Shipment and getting dimension does not exist in regard to the COGS account


I have been investigating an issue with a client where they have set Dimension rules Code Mandatory on the COGS account in the Chart of accounts. When they are posting a Sales Shipment without the dimension specified on the COGS account getting the error Dimension XXX not found on account YYY. (Where YYY is the COGS Account)

The issue is the client does not know the value of this Dimension until they come to post the Sales Invoice so at that stage they want to add the dimension value.

I have confirmed no dimension rules are applied to COGS (Interim) account and Expected costs are being posted to G/L.

I know that it is trying to avoid Dimension inconsistencies in the interim accounts but in all cases the Interim accounts do not need dimensional analysis.

It is interesting that when I take the rule off the COGS Account and post the Shipment I come to the Sales invoice and add the dimension it comes up with a warning that this might cause dimension inconsistencies but lets me do it. So Microsoft are trapping it with a warning at the sales invoice but just do not let you post the shipment.

Has anyone ever come across this because it does seem to have been there for some time tried on several version with the same result.