Posting sales orders

First placed in the end users questions, perhaps more responds in this developer forum When I post a sales order then table 37, sales lines, is locked. All other users then get the message that “user xxx locked tabel saleslines”. When the posted order is large (>200 lines) this takes several secondes (>10). And in the meanwhile all other orderentry is locked. This is verry frustrating when customers order by telephone and you have to wait. Is this changeble by a workaround or is there a better solution? (posting can’t be delayd because of shipments with invoice) Is there a way to do no tablelocking at the posting? Could this perhaps be the use of SQL (there will be recordlocking instead of table locking) or remove the table locking statement out of the codeunit? (If a person is posting a sales order there will be NO one other using THAT specific sales order) There must be a lot of other companies with this similar problem??

On Navision Server, there is no way to avoid the table locking. As you suggest yourself, you should use the SQL Server Option if the table locking properties of Navision Server causes too poor concurrency. Rgds - Jens

I don’t think that switching to SQL is the end-all solution to your locking. Remember that in the SQL option, Navision still controls the locking. There is a document on the US Partner’s website titled Xtra SQL Information for Attain. This is the best available document, I have found, to explain some of the differences between the two. Chris.

Simply use batch-booking during night Best Regards, Mark Trouwborst LIMO Automatisering B.V. tel +31 (0)182 631 333

You might want to look at your hardware situation as well. If the user has a good machine with the Objects Cache set to Yes, then after posting the first order of the day, the Posting routine will reside on the users machine with no need to get the program from the server. If the user has a machine with limited memory, it will have to fetch the program for each posting. Also, a good server with plenty of memory can make a huge difference. We have a 32 GB database and it was slow at times. We recently upgraded our server to a machine with 2GB RAM and 1.7GHZ processor and it really rocks! Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117

All replies make me aware of the speed. I took a look at speeding cutomisations, and i wil look at the hardware. Batch posting is not possible because of the need foor the invoice (as mentioned). I wonder if there is a way to avoid the locking at all. It does not make sense to lock the total saleslines table just to post ONE order. And How far i speed up the proces, posting an order of many lines takes a while. Does anyone have representive figures for me? Is for example 4 seconds in general accepted for an order with 100 lines? Or does an order of 500 lines take in max 2 seconds. Thanks for responding Bert Venekamp NSC Nederland