Posting Sales Invoices

We use an older version of Navision 2.01B. When we post Sales Invoices to a customer in sales and receivables it rolls up the entry to the customer card as 1 customer ledger entry.

So If for customer 123, we post as a type GL account and have 3 lines one for account # 38002 for $100 and 2 separate lines for account 11800. 1 for $50 and the other for $25 we get the following. 1 posted line to the 123’s customer card and on the general ledger there would be 3 entries creates. 1 for 38002, 1 for 11800, and 1 for the balancing account from the customer posting group. We want to have 3 lines created on the customer card. Once for each GL line posted and separate 11800 lines on the GL. Not a combination into 1 entry.

Any way to change this without a major core modification?

You can not have more than one line per Invoice in CustomerLedger by design.

This table doesn’t even contain all the info itself - all amount-related fields are FlowFields, summarizing data from underlying Detailed Cust. Ledger Entries table, and even in the latter data are summarized per Invoice.

What is the reason why you would like to split that one line as it was in the Invoice? without drilling down into GL entries (trough Navigate) you anyway will not see the details like GL Acc Nos.

When we post our invoices to the customer card I would like to have more then I rolled up customer ledger entry. The posting can contain project management fees and expense reports. When it rolls it up on the aging it shows one 1 instead of it broken our and for payment they want to be able to see the entire posting as a whole. It also rolls up the General ledger like in my example. So if I post to customer 123 a 3 line GL posting to 3 different accounts on the customer card we want to see it as 3 seperated lines. Right now I had to create data ports to do this as a 2 step process.

1 posts to the customer card the lines seperated. The data port grabs the next entry number and writes out the records. Then the other data port created the GL records each as a seperate line. My boss hates doing this as 2 steps and wants to run it thru Sales and receivables but you can’t since it makes that entire posting 1 line.

This is for our construction company. For our booking company we have to do the same thing. If I uploaded 20 bookings for a customer but the sales people are different and I have 1 line it makes it impossible to do comissions. When they pay it would be no way of knowing who was be credited.

Well, the problem is in your ancient version of Navision.

Is there such functionality as Dimensions? I haven’t ever seen ver.2, although I work with Navision for almost 15 years, so I don’t know were there Dims in ver.2 or not yet…

If Dims are there, it is the third parameter for summarizing Invoice rows when posting to GL, therefore if the GL Acc is the same, but Dims differ, there will be an entry in GL for each Dim, BUT in CustomerLedger it anyway will remain the same - one line per Invoice.