Posting sales confirmation in AX 2012?

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I have a prolem when post sales confirmation in AX 2012. I put the breakpoint the frist super() of function insert() in CustConfirmJour table, but when post confirmation in Sales Order that system can not jump in this place of insert() function? Relationship of the class how to post sales confirmation?

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Are you saying you cannot get debugger stop at ‘insert()’ method of CustConfirmJour table?

If yes, have you added your user to ‘MS Dynamics AX Debugging Users’ local group in your computer? Also have you enabled debugging option under Tools > Options > Development > Debug group?


Thank you for quick reply. I already installed debug. I created a Job with name is Test in Job (AOT) of AX 2012 and I debug at this place put breakpoint (debug is ok). So, this issue is how? :slight_smile:

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Help me?

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\Classes\SalesConfirmJournalCreate\createJournalHeader will insert the data…


  • Thanks your reply. I have tried it but system don’t call createJournalHeader method of SalesConfirmJournalCreate class when post sales confirmation.

  • This is the code in the run() method of SalesFormLetter class:

if (ledgerVoucher)


formletterService = FormletterService::newFromContract(this.packDataContract(salesFormLetterContract) , FormletterType::Sales);

//LegerVoucher is not packable…


formletterOutputContract = formletterService.getOutputContract();


  • So, I have to declare how for system call the createJournalHeader method of SalesConfirmJournalCreate class from SalesFormLetter class or SalesFormLetter_Confirm? I don’t understand about it.

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This logic will get executed in CIL( Either you should debug the code in Visual studio( or Un check the Execute business operation in CIL (IN Tools → Options → Development)…

Hi Kranthi,

Thank you very much. I fixed this problem.