Posting profiles for sales orders

Hello All,

I have configured the posting profiles for Sales Orders and on delivering a sales order there is no financial impact on my ‘Delivered sales not invoiced’.

On checking other company setup the delivery for a sales order never seems to trigger any fnancial transaction?

Can someone clear up how this ‘Should’ work?

Many thanks

Sales Ledger - Parameters - Update Tab - Is post delivery note in ledger ticked?

Stock Management - Parameters - General Tab - Is post estimates periodically ticked?

Hi Adam,

I thought the first tick box might have been the answer but on ticking them both and running a test sales order through and delivering non made an impact on the general ledger.

Do you or have you setup a system so it doe simpact on delivery? I would have thought this would be a standard, expected function?

The second one must NOT be ticked - here you are saying you post the costs periodically - rather than immediately. I was asking a question, not defining how it should be set up, sorry if I confused you [:D]

If that does not work what is the costing method of the item?

Hi I tested it both ways Adam. I ticked one then the other (kind of kne they shouldnt both be ticked) just to see if anything made it work!

Costing method ? How do you mean?

Well what is the costing method of the item, stadnard, FIFO, etc, then what is in the costing version etc.

Yes FIFO - Posting profiles all configured. Does your system as standard record a financial transaction on delivering a sales order Adam?

Thanks for your help this far Adam. Really appreciate it.

Yes it does with delivery note selected to post in the ledger and NOT posting estimates periodically.

How do you know it is not posting?

I have created sales orders/ delivered them. Sales Order/Inquiries/Delivery Note/ Voucher = no transactions

Then I checked the COA to make sire they havent posted anyway and the appropriate accounts have not been impacted on. No transactions.

Can you go to the line of the sales order, select the stock button and transactions, then the ledger button and physical transaction. Anything there?

What is the cost of the item on the item card?

Also check the stock model group - are you posting financial stock?

This is very strange - No financial or physical transactions. Stock model Group all there.

Any other areas? I am going to create another product.

So it has a cost, the stock model group captures ledger posting, sales is set to post the delivery note to the ledger and inventory is set not to periodically create these transactions. Then no, no more ideas.

OK thanks. I will have a look around and fiddle with further settinds. Does seem strange.

There really are no further settings - are you sure it has an active current cost? It must post physical and financial, but you have all this set - obviously you are adding new sales orders each time to test?

Yes I am Adam. I am guessing I am missing something so I am going through your suggestions again.