Posting permission

Good morning , I wonder if it there a permission set that allow to post only.


If you mean that someone should be able to post an invoice, but not change it? Then no.

I wish to set up a a group for posting and add some members( accounting ,clerk , manager) on that group .
Only those member would have the permission to post.

But I guess I have no choice to program a code unit to read the list of the member that specific group .
But it require to access the specific table to enable or disable the posting variable .

I wonder which design pattern I m used to interact bewteen the code unit I created the exisiting code unit (example code unit 13 Gen. Jnl.-Post Batch) and the tables , do you have any suggestions ?

You can use User Setup form where all the users with there module wise approval is listed in navision.
Hope it will work.

Thanks Buddy