Posting payroll

We have a rather large payroll and we use multiple dimensions on each employee (i.e. they could be allocated to one department, but multiple product lines). In order to get the entry into the system, we use a Atlas upload feature. Does anyone know if there is way to maintain a master table of departmet/product allocations in the DAX system to make our lives simpler (and our spreadsheets smaller)?

If you don’t have a master table that containing a correspondence between employee and dimension, it will be painful for your project. However, once you go through that process, it will be very easy in the long run. My initial guess is to use Excel to maintain that table.

How many people are you talking about here? and do you use HR module in AX?

We have roughly 130 and are growing. we do not use the HR module. everything we do is in excel and it is not only a pain, but a risk trying to update about 8 different upload files everytime something changes.

I am not familiar with this master table concept. is it part of the HR module functionality? Can you give me and idea of how we would get the payroll entry into the system using this. I want to be able to speak intelligently to the consultants.


A master HR table could contain all your employees’ name, ID, address, salary, dimension and etc. So, when you preparing a journal, Excel can match whom should charge to which cost center/department automatically. It is not an HR module, it is just an Excel spreadsheet we can create. It also gives the flexibility to change/add employees in the future.

If you have 8 different loader files, I suggest you to use Atlas XL(google it for more details) to do the uploading. It’s more manageable comparing to AX’s own uploading function and it will make your life simpler.

Finally, if you want to talk to a solution adviser, go to and we have an office in Toronto.