Posting Packinglist: Error not visibile with flag "Execute business operations in CIL"


I’m using AX2012 and I have a problem with the posting of a purchase packing list.

I have the User’s Option Development “Execute business operations in CIL” set to Yes.

If I try to use the function “product receipt” from a Purchase Arrival Journal, I don’t see any error but I can’t post the purchase packing list.

If I change the flag in the user option, I understand that I need a ledger account for the item group of my item.

I need to understand how to show to the end user the error message “Account number for transaction type %1 does not exist.” that I can find in the SubLedgerJournalizer.validateSubledgerJournalAccountEntry.

Now the end user cannot understand if the packing list is posted and why not.

Thanks for your help.

From the user front end, if they have the infologs set in the user options, when they try to post the packing list the system will tell the end user that the ledger account is not specified in the item group.

Hi AdamRoue,

thanks for your help but I don’t understand which option I have to set to the user. I have already set the interface option - Infolog (Detail level = All) but the problem is that I cannot see the message anyway.

I can see the message only if I don’t check the Development Option “Execute business operations in CIL”.

It’s very strange.