Posting Opening Balances to Jobs in Navision version 4 SP2

Hi Forum, is it possible to post opening balances to jobs. My reason for asking is that we want to be able to transfer job activity from an old legacy system into the newly implemented Navision version 4 SP2 system. Thanks…Paul

Hi Paul,

I would use a standard job journal.

You have the option of breaking down the opening balances into individual resources and stages of the job (Phase, Task and Step) if being used. This will be useful if you are planning to sales invoice this to the customer in the future (using the Get Job usage function). Additionally there is no GL integration

Hope this helps.


I think the problem is going to be that you will only be able to bring in open amounts, I can’t see an easy way of bringing over history, which you may also see as a requirement. If you don’t need history, but just open balances, then go the way John suggests.

Thanks guys, at this point in time I dont actually know whether it will be just open amounts or complete history.