Posting of Production journals through multiple web services

Hi All,

I am having doubt on posting of production Journals through multiple web-services in AX by using only one user license.

I am having 150 Production lines and cost of 150 users licensing will be very high. So we are planning to develop web services so that multiple users can input the data through scanning or RFID and in AX it will be posted through only one user.

I am just trying to minimize cost of licensing and going to use Webservices , Staging table and batch jobs for posting in AX through only one User license.

I am not sure about licensing issue in case audit happened.

Can anybody advice on it or provide any document whether is fine or not allowed as per licensing policy of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Thanks in Advance !!

First of all, which version of Dynamics AX are you talking about?

The documents you need to read are the EULA (End User License Agreement) and the licensing guide for your version of AX.
They will tell you that multiplexing doesn’t have any impact on how many licenses you need, therefore you wouldn’t solve anything. If it was so easy to legally pay virtually no licenses, the current licensing model wouldn’t make much sense.

Maybe you can use Device CALs instead (again depending on which version of AX we’re talking about).

Thanks Martin,
We are using AX R2.
I think what you suggesting is we can go for it and use Device CALs . Using multiple web services through one Device CALs is possible and no licensing issue will come .

Correct me if I am wrong.

You may decide to obtain licensing for devices used by users rather then named licenses for users (which allow users to access AX resources from any device).
Whether you use web services, and whether you have just one or a billion of them, has no impact on licensing.