Posting number series

Hello everyone,

Can somebody help me with posting number series. I want to separate the posting number series, one for domestic customers, and one for foreign customers. I have to different number series for the invoice but, i made connetions as well, but when i choose the local invoice number series, the posting number series does not change.

Can u give me some advice, or documentation how to handle this?

Thank you

You need a modification to the Sales & Receivabels Granule. The Setup Table and the Posting Codeunit.

So i need to modify tha C/AL code in order to do this automatically?


Posting No. series does not change based on customers in standard Dynamics NAV, you can setup Sales Order Nos. and Posted Invoice nos. and Posted Shipment Nos. as different, but Posted Invoices nos. based on Customers (domestic and Foreign) cannot be setup on standard application. This can be done with customization for which please contact your Microsoft Partner.


I see, thank you

i managed to do it manually, i can make the posting NOs appear on the sales invoice form, and then i can change the posting number series. In the previous system i worked with it was a bit simplier, I thought it is in NAV as well. I was wrong…