Posting Number Series for Posted Sales Invoices

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I am New to Ms Dynamic Nav area. I have one question. I have 4 different types of invoice to post and each type is having different Numbers with prefix. like Vas/Inv/1213/IL/0001 Vas/Inv1213/AL/0001 like that.

How can i setup this number to posted Invoices… IN RTC i created number series, but dont know in Sales Order processing while posting invoice where to select that posting number series for posted invoices in Sales Order…

Please help in this regards…for this any customization is required ?

How do you want to differentiate them?

Ex: Based on Location then you can set Sales Invoice Nos.n Location Card…

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I have only one location and in same location i have 4 different Invoice Number Series,

dont know how to set up this issue ? i think some customization is required may be dont know

Please help


Rajesh S Patankar

It is possible to create several number-seies, each containing variuos “numbers”. And it is possible to set up relationsships between theese series.

In table 36, field “Posting No. Series” is the one used to get the final Invoice No when order is being posted.
This field is [automatically] assigned when the salesorder is created. But it is possible to change to another series.

Hope you can use this information…

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your valuable information,

In RTC Client on Sales Order Card where to select this number series. I tried to search but didn’t get any field on Sales Order Card like “Posting No. Series”.

Is there any customization required for this ? or we need to change it on table level ?

Please help…


No customization required.

the field is not shown in form/page

Add the field in form/page

Thanks A Lot…

I have RTC Demo version…Can I add this field from RTC to sales Order Form…

I am unable to install classic version, as its giving some error…

By the way, thanks for your support and information…


You must use the Developer Client to do this.
And you probably need to have a developer-license as well…

Hi Rajesh,

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? If you did, would you mind sharing it with us and if any of the posted answers helped you on the way, then please verify them.

Thank you.