Posting Labor Costs Without Payroll Granule

hi, now in our country version,we don’t have a payroll granule (version 3.70). and my question is “how can i post labor costs and use this labor costs in the production process”.

Hi Ümit Two completely differnt questions I think [:D] Post the payroll using a general journal to the wages accounts (and of course any other relevant accounts). Labour in the production process - well you could set up machine centres as labour indicators and assign them to the routing as a form of labour recognition and introduce these to the routings. Steve

Thanks Steven, first,i am a rookie in navision manufacturing [;)] i will try machine centers as labor real problem is not assigning standard labor cost to production orders.I want to adjust the difference between standard and real costs.When i post from general journal it goes only to the G/L accounts,so can i allocate that amounts to the production orders?

Hi Ümit Your routing will be the standard - what you report may, or may not, create variances - these will then be posted through the system to the recognised accounts. Steve