Posting issue

The client is running 3.60 (upgrade in the works) with a 45 GB database. The server is undersized but posting were working fine (slowly) until yesterday. Now when a purchase invoice is posted, the client will hang (task manager list Navision as not responding). If the task is ended and then you go back into Navision, the invoice is posted. The invoices are small. One or 2 lines, G/L accounts. Any ideas/suggestions appreciated…

Are you posting with or without printing ? I have seen Navision hanging AFTER posting (including COMMIT) and when trying to print out.

The customer had created a new analysis view and set it to “update on posting”. Then didn’t do an initial manual update. With a 50 GB database (over 9 million GL Entry records), this created the performance issue.

Isn’t it always fun to deal with such customers ? Consultant: What did you do ? Customer: Nothing, yesterday it worked, but today it doesn’t. Consultant: You really did not do anything ? Customer: I promise !!!