Posting Invoices - Setup

Hi All,

Is there any setup options available on Navision to make sure that it posts entries ONLY from a particular invoice month?



You can set the users to allow posting from and to to be the current month.

Are you referring to the “Allow Posting From” and “Allow Posting To” fields in the General Leder Setup? If yes, would that setting change affect anything else on Navision?


The fields in General Ledger Setup are the fields where you can restrict the posting date range for everyone through all areas that have to do with posting in Navision. E.g. restrict it to the current month. For special users you could allow them to do posting in a additional date range. This is in Administration - Application Setup - Users - User Setup. There you could e.g. setup a different period for your super users that might do closing entries in the previous month(s).

That works. Thank you.