Posting invoice


A end user posted a sales invoice all taxes included excise and cst it posted successfully.after that i seen the posted sales invoice No. 37 but actual no. 36.because last no. series is 36 and system will posted 37.36 no. is skipped any reason .if want to manually change the document no. 37 to 36 all related table but some entries go to tax table tax entry ,detaild tax entry i also change through report.but posted str order line details document no. not chaned through report or manually without change excise report not generated.(It must be posted no. is 36)

Please give me the solutions.


why did you have last no. used as 36 in no. series?

did anyone deleted create sales invoice 36?

There must be a Sales Invoice with Posting No. as 36.

Because this is mistake by a client . user tell me 36 no. voucher is cancelled then i skipped last no. series 36 then

automatic posted on 37 but main person told me 36 not cancelled(voucher is same).37,38,39 all voucher is pending to post after correction of 36.


Manually i change the data and last posting no. series change to 36.another invoice posted on 37,38…