Posting Invoice Form

Can anyone tell me how you can identify the required forms in the AOT. Specifically, I want to find the “Posting Invoice” form that’s called from Prchase Order Form ( Purchase Invoices form).

PurchEditLines is the form opened when you click invoice posting.(Not only for invoice - for Receipt list,Packing Slip,Purchase Order the same form will be opened).

You can know this by right clicking on the Opened form and selecting Setup.

Now user setup form will be opened - change the tab to Information - where you can see which form is used.

Hi Pete,

Right click on the form → Setup → Information tab. You can see form name here. When you click edit, Ax will open actual form.

Alternatively you can download Tabax ( All info including download link, instructions on how to set up are available there. Using this tool, you can easily identify form, actual field, open underlying tables with few clicks.

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Brilliant! Thanks!