Posting Invoice - change default Invoice Date

Hi I’m trying to change the invoice date to ‘tomorrow’ when posting invoices within AX. Currently it defaults to today’s date. I found the field name: SalesParmTable_Transdate

So I’ve gone to the form SalesEditLines and tried adding this code to the run and init functions but have have no joy. This default date when the form loads stays as todays date.

Here is the code I’ve tried.


salesParmTable.TransDate = systemdateget()+1;

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You have not told us about your AX version.

In AX 2012, the salesParmTable is build in \Classes\SalesFormletterParmData\createParmTable

If you code is specific to a document status like invoice you can have your code in relevant class the that created the parm data,


Ah yes sorry. AX 2009


Would it be correct to say you need a development licence ( X++ Source Code Licence ) to edit this code? As it seems I cannot save any changes? - If so is there another way around it?

Yes you need that license.I believe that you can change the class in an environment where you have the enough license and then you can import into this system.