Posting into last fiscal year

We have already closed the fiscal year 2002. Some postings will nevertheless come in in january that relate to last year (for example vendor invoices for goods received in 2002 or sales credit memos for returns from customers relating to sales in 2002); obviously I want the system to account for these actions in 2002. Is it useful to change the PostingDate back to 2002 (e.g. 31.12.02) or leave it to the “real” psoting date? In the first case the system will activate the flag “Previous year posting”, in the other I think it does not. WHat is the proper procedure? Thanks for your help.

If you have already done your own internal year end and run the routine on Navision, then I would post them into the new year. By internal year end, I mean that you have done stock valuations, reconciliations, and posted accrual journals for (for example) goods received and not invoiced to cover the missing invoices. If this is the case then post into the new year. Even in this case - you may want to make other adjustments - perhaps as recommended by your auditors. These may be to stock valuations or something that directly effects your profitablitiy in 2002. In this case they must be posted back into 2002 and then re-run the Navision year end to bring forward any amendments to 2003 opening balances. Don’t forget that even if you post a December purchase invoice into Jan 2003, you should still put the correct ‘Document Date’ on it (December) so the due date calculation and discount calculations are done correctly. The document date does not effect the accounting side of things.