Posting Inter-company SO invoice - error from Source Document Framework


AX 2012 Feature Pack1

Just wondering whether anyone has seen this issue before.

When I try to post inter-company sales order invoice it fails with following error -

The state of the source document or source document line could not be updated
Removal of suspension of recId allocation for table VendInvoiceInfoTable has failed.

The sales order invoice gets posted correctly. But the above error is thrown when system tries to update Purchase order invoice and the process fails with above error.

Any tips/suggestions to resolve above error would be appreciated.

Hi Harish,

i am also getting the same error while i am posting a purchase order… have you resolved the above issue…??


I have same problem, have you found some solution?




We issued the same problem too on an AX2012 FP CU3.

It happens only in CIL RunTime.

After debugging I found that there was a difference in RunTime between CIL and X++ :

The Class InsertRecordList.insertDataBase() called into Intercompany Purchase Invoicing process, doesn’t behave the same :

In X++ , when trying to insert the records in table VendInvoiceInfoTable, the stacktrace branches to VendInvoiceInfoTable.oasValidateInsert()

whereas in CIL it branches directely to VendInvoiceInfoTable.insert().

There’s much more into the insert() method than into the aosValidateInsert() method.

As in X++ we didn’t have the issue and as anyway the runtime doesn’t seems to miss the code found in the VendInvoiceInfoTable.insert()

I replaced the code with something like that :

if( ! xSession::isCLRSession())







I did the same kind for VendInvoiceInfoLine.insert().

I described a case by MS about that and I’m waiting for an answer.

I’ll tell you that they replied.

Hope that it will help you all.

Best regards.



We ran in to the same issue with Feature Pack + CU5 on our QA environment. A bright engineer on our team realized that the CU5 update for the AOS had not been performed, while all of the data and code upgrades were completed.

This resolved our errors.

I debugged the CIL for some time and realized that some assemblies were missing. Also, after an AOS restart the XppIL folder would be rather small in size. After the AOS was updated, restarts didn’t impact the generated IL files.



do you get any solution on this from Microsoft? i am also having same issue.“Removal of suspension of recID allocation for table VendInvoiceInfoTable has failed”

Hi ,

Any success ?

Please let me know .

For making intercompany posting you need to make two field active i.e make it true based on condition

i dont remeber the 2 fields exactly but its in purchcreateorder mean while for other 2 if in sales order

i did that in purch order