Posting initial inventory

Hi all, when a customer starts using NAV, we must post the starting inventory (the total quantity present in inventory for each item). What is the correct entry type to choose? Positive Adjustement or Purchase? I’ve noted that the difference between the two is that the purchase entry type inserts a value in the Purchase Amount (Actual) field of the Value Entry table, and that this field is used to calculate the FlowField Purchases (LCY) on the Item table, but I cannot understand what this could affect. Does anyone here knows what’s the correct or best choice?


Set it as a positive adjustment.

At the end the field “Purchases (LCY)” of the item affects only the statistics of the item. So my question is: why the initial inventory must not affect the statistics? In my opinion is better to affect them using the Purchase entry type, otherwise it seems that the initial inventory has not been purchased…

It is not a purchase though, it is an adjustment. In my opinion the statistics are not really relevant, it is the inventory value. In all the implementations I have done I have always used positive, but if you prefer purchase feel free to use it, you asked for an opinion [:D]

Perhaps this will guide you in the right direction.

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