Posting groups in the Chart of Accounts

Could you provide me with a list of ALL cases when it is NECESSARY (and why, if possible) to fill in posting groups (gen. bus. and gen. prod.) in the Chart of Accounts? The information provided in “official bluebooks” is quite infirm and fragmentary (at least it seems to me) and I would like to have a bit “stronger confidence” in this area. karel2

Hi, Really you do not need setup Gen. Business and Product groups in the G/L Account. It is going from previous realizes of Navision. Previously Navision did not have Gen. Tax Business groups and all tax setup was in the Gen. Business Setup. Now if you need tax calculation when you post Sales Line or Purchase Line with G/L Account or Gen. Journal Line you should setup Tax Business Groups for Tax Calculation (and Tax Groups for Sales Tax granule) in the G/L Account. Previously you were needed to setup Gen. Business Groups. Last reminder: If you use Sales or Purchase document (Order, Invoice, Credit-Memo) system get Gen. and Tax Business groups from Customer or Vendor Card and it does not meter what was setuped in the G/L Account card. If you use General Journal to post sales or purchase Invoice you must setup Gen. Posting Type field because system calculate taxes only for posting types Sale and Purchase. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.