Posting for non-stocked Items AX 2012

Hi this is related to products (SW resale) non-stocked. We resell SW say Cisco, Oracle, MS etc., we don’t stock any of these products including HW that are delivered directly to the end customer by the manufacturer.

  1. stocked item property un-selected for the Item Model group. Do I need to define storage and tracking info, system requires?

  2. From ledger ac perspective - does the Product Receipt a/c hit? if so, what account type. Assume it’s asset a/c/. We have .net 30 with manufacturer (vendor) so I assume we can use the Purchase Accrual ledger a/c.

From my understanding (for stocked items), the product receipt & Purchase Accrual are reversed (to the degree) when vendor invoice is posted and “Purchase, inventory receipt” is hit (Dr) and Vendor Bal (Cr).

However, while purchase expenditure - un-invoiced is hit (regardless stocked/non-stocked), I assume the below is not applicable:

“Purchase, inventory receipt” & “Purchase expenditure for product”.

For non-stocked items, does the “Purchase expenditure for expense” hit? My understanding is that its used for the services. Appreciate your help.

Assign a non-stocked item to the item group you know posts how you want it. Walk through the process and look at the accounts that get hit at each stage.

thanks Adam. i will try that.