Posting FG with parallel routings

Hi all! I’m trying to post Fg in the output journal but it seems that parallel routing doesnt work. SET UP CARDS: MC card WC MC cost UOM 100 A 12$/hr HR 200 A 12$/hr HR 300 A 12$/hr HR 400 A 12$/hr HR DUMMY DUMMY 0 HR This is how my routing for item ABC looks like: Op Next Mach Center Run time 10 20|30|40 DUMMY 0 20 200 10 30 300 15 40 400 20 50 DUMMY 15 My Work order is : 10 units for item ABC When I open output journal and I explode routing: I have all lines from routing but I can’t update my inventory FG because the system doest want any ouput on operations except for the last operation: DUMMY machine( operation 50). Any clue??? Thanks

Output posting for a finished good can only be posted on the final operation in a routing (in your case Dummy). (I couldn’t tell from your example if Dummy was part of the parallel routing or not.) Regards

Instead of having the last operation as DUMMY operation, can I delete that operation and stay just with operations 10 to 40?? In that case, I would like to post all “real” operations. Thanks. Rosine

A parallel routing mast end with one operation, so you need DUMMY and you need to post the output on that operation

Hi Tatiana You will have a “real” last operation, even if it is put in finished goods or something like that. Make it realistic and the output and end processing will follow through.

Hi guys! In the output journal, it works now, Thanks. I’m able to post my FG . However, I have another problem: In the consumption journal, i’m not able to use actual output otion to have all my RM related to what I have posted on the output journal. I have to use the expected output inseted which is not always good because i change my output. Any help for that please.

Hi Tatiana I am not clear on what you are saying. Are you saying that the output changes but the consumption must always be of the expected amount? You would have to set the system up not to use any flushing method except manual and then on the consumption journal the option exists to calculate consumption based upon expected or actual. This refers to the expected or actual output of the parent. Alternatively could you give us more details on why you cannot use the actual option - if this is what you meant earlier.

Hi Steven, YES the ouptut journal changes related to the last operation (DUMMY) but when I try to use just after that Consumption journal with “Actual outpout” option, nothing appears on my line. However just the " expected output" gives lines but it’s not the right quantity. So what I am doing wrong??

Hi Tatiana You will need to verify the flushing method of the items - but from your description it seems to be set to manual as you are getting transactions for the actual. If I run a test here on 3.60 and have a simple BOM with once component ITEM A using 1 off to make PARENT ITEM. If I load a production order for 1 off of PARENT ITEM and then in the output journal I record that I actually recorded 20 items, when I get to the consumption journal and generate the consumption from the production order I will get two returns. For actual consumption it will return 20 for ITEM A For expected consumption it will return 1 for ITEM A I would suggest you try a simple test as above and see how you get on.

Hi steve, I did that but it’s not working for Fg that have parallel Routing. Serial routings seems to works fine so it it a buf from Navision??? Thansk to try it.

Hi Tatiana The routing being parallel or serial is irrelevant - I have just run through it here with parallel. My guess is there is something in your set-up that is not flagged to allow the differentiation you are seeking on the output journal. Please load a production order for your item with parallel routing. Go to the item button and select components - the flushing method should be manual - is it?

Yes Flushing is manual but nothing appears when I run actual .

Hi Tatiana All I can say is to check everything - running it here I have no problem with parallel routing. So to summarise - you have a parent item, with parallel routing. The component is X. You raise a production order for 10. You Output 25. When running the consumption journal you get 10X whether actual or expected is chosen? I would advise creating a new Production BOM from scratch, chosing a very simple one. Specify a simple routing. Try all of this again [:(!] Did you say you were running version 3.60?

Hi Steven! Yes I was running in 3.6A. The point is this : I posted my output journal with 25pcs instead of 10 pcs as you said. The , when running consumption journal with the option " Calculation based on Actual output", NOTHING appears on the line.

Hi Tatiana On the Output journal there is a finished flag that in this testing I have always ticked and always consumed the order in one part - i.e. no part batch finishing of production. If I untick this flag then the consumption journal will not pick up either the actual or expected. However you earlier said:


However just the " expected output" gives lines but it’s not the right quantity.

There is something in either your set-up or your processing that is causing this not to work. I would suggest you start at the beginning and construct a simple parallel routing and Production BOM. I am using the following: Production BOM MASTER → ITEMA → ITEMB → ITEMC Routing - parallel “MASTER” OP…PREV.OP…NEXT OP…TYPE…NUMBER…ROUTING LINK CODE 10…20|30…WC…START 20…10…40…WC…100 30…10…40…WC…110…400 40…20|30…50|60…WC…JOIN 50…40…70…WC…200 60…40…70…WC…210…500 70…50|60…WC…END I then create a released production order. I then create an output journal, explode the routing and set the output quantity greater than the planned on every op, tick the finished flag on every op and then post teh journal. Now when I go into the consumption journal the expected and actual deferentiation works. Let me know how you get on. [:D]

THanks Steven. I will try that and let you know what’s happen.