posting errro about item tracking line

When I post invoce for SO, there is the error message: Quantity Shipped must be 1 in Item Tracking Line No. = ‘1197892’,Line No. = ‘10000’ On the line '10000’of SO Qty = 4;Quantity Shipped = 4;Qty to Invoice = 2; Qty Invoiced =2 The item tracking line is as follow: Sales Line Item Tracking Line Status Qty 4 1 Qty to Ship/Receive 0 1 Qty to Invoice 2 1 I know if the Status are all OK. it will be posted correctly. But I input some item tracking line and try some combination, it failed. Any ideas?Thanks in advance!

Hi, in Item tracking line: - did you create 4 lines with four SN ? - did you put in each one “QUANTITY BASE”=1 “quantity to handle” =1 and “quantity to invoice” =1 ? You have to control quantity in SO lines and in Item tracking line regards Alberto

Yes, I have tried it. but as I mentioned before, Qty to invoice is 2 on SO. Someone has posted it partly. If do as you suggest,Qty to invoice in item tracking line will be 4, which is higher than Qty to invoice on SO. I don’t know what caused it. Is it associated with item tracking line being deleted?