Posting Errors

Hello All!

I have validated a journal and it tells me journal is ok. But when I try posting it says " Posting without amount cannot be made". Why?

Journal cant be posted without amount. check whether you specified either debit or credit for the voucher.

In short the validation does not check as many elements as the actual posting of the journal does. (dimension combinations used to be another not validated).

In most of the cases, validation doesn’t help you much.

The message is self-explanatory. Seems you are posting the journal without any amount. Make sure that you give some amount in credit or debit or specify if there’s any specific requirement to keep it empty.

Hi Dammy,

Ensure you have specified amount in the journal.

Thank you

I had this problem in the morning. After some digging found out that the journal had a payment fee line (which was coming from method of payments automatically) but there was no amount there.

Too bad the error didnt say anything about payment fee.

Hi Jyoti,

Please goto the journal lines and export all the lines into excel.

Then compare the debit and credit amounts are correctly matching.

If it is not matching then find if any of the ledger does not have any amount in the line.

This is the only solution which i fixed this issue - "posting without amount cannot be made"

Hope this can work. :slight_smile:


The fee line is also considered as a journal line. The one who knows this process should be able to identify the cause of the error.