Posting errors Reval journal

using NAV 2009 SP1

I am getting some posting errors on my sales invoices when i post freight, the Si will post but always shows the below errors

error 1 Posting Date is not within your range of allowed posting dates in Item Journal Line Template name= Reval; journal batch name=‘DEPRECIATE’, Line number 20000

20000 is always our freight

error 2- navision posting error you must post the revaluation journal manually to sync the netbook value

My question why you are using revalution journal for posting frieght ?

You can use Item Charge for the same.

Yes that is the weird thing, we made a few changes to the freight. How can i look into this further, IE how the freight is being posted to the reval journal and where this is set up…

Reval Journal is used for revaluation of cost .Are you looking for change the cost of particular transactions?

No, I am not sure how the freight is setup using the reval journal when posting a SI

Is you SI already posted ???

This occurs when the SI is posted, although the SI will post, just throw that error