Posting Error

occationally, when we post sales orders, we get the error message “The sales header does not exist” The order posts correctly. This happens when we are posting and printing or just posting. The strange thing is this, when we go to posted invoices to print them, the first time we get the error again. Then it will print fine until the posting problems happens again. It has also happened on more that one system, although one user has it happen more frequently. We have also had this happen using Citrix. We have eliminated the printer, the PC, the network equipment. Any ideas would be great. Thanks

I’m sure this strange error (on SQL I guess??) has been discussed before, but I just can’t find it. Anyone that can recall what it was all about??

Yes we are running on SQL, using 3.60 SQL client

Funny. David just answered what I think is the same question in this topic [:D] You should try to get hold on HF17. That includes new executables