Posting Error

Hi all,

I have defined a vendor as a foreign Vendor and when i post 'Bill of Entry 'for a particular purchase order ,it shows the following error and i have tried it in so many ways to resolve this but could not.

The error is as follows.

Error executing code: SalesPurchSummaryFields object not initialized.

(S)\Classes\SalesPurchSummaryModel_Account\queryBuild - line 9
(S)\Classes\SalesPurchSummary\queryBuild - line 3
(S)\Classes\PurchFormLetter\reArrange - line 55
(S)\Classes\PurchFormLetter\run - line 70
(S)\Classes\PurchFormLetter\mainOnServer - line 111
(C)\Classes\PurchFormLetter\main - line 51
(C)\Classes\FormMenuButtonControl\Clicked - line 77

Can anyone provide me the solution for it???


Are you using AX 2012?

Do one thing, go to File → Tools → Option. Go to development section and select debug mode as No.


Hey Pranav,i tried this also but could not achieve the results…

And i am using ax 2009…

Hi Lalit,

This appears to be a code error. Are there any customization around this area?

Hi harish…

Yes i do have done customization when the bill of Entry form is opened and i have commented the customization done but still the error is thrown…Even i have placed the breakpoint over there but it is not getting called…I dont know where the error persists…

Restore it back to its original layer removing all of your customizarions - then do the same, if there is no error you did not comment out your cistomizations correctly. If an error is called you can then try to debug it.