Posting error - weird problem

Hi, Need some help from technical expert for below error while during AX posting (regardless posting).

error in file: c:\docume~1\AX09_A~1\Locals~1\Temp$tmp00030005.$$

while reading in record = xxxx

window error =

error code 38. reached end of the file.

Any one experience and appreciate the hit of problem.

Thanks advance.


What are you trying to post? Are there any event log entries in either AOS or SQL server? And what is the AX version?


Thanks for reply.

It happend to any posting, PO, SO, journal, etc. As long as posting happend and will hit the error.

If you continously click “no” button of error message, it will success the posting at end.

any clue, does AX corrupted?



Were you able to post successfully in the past? If yes, something must have been changed which introduced this error.

You have not mentioned the AX version. If it is AX 2009, please try the following -

  1. Get all users out and stop AOS
  2. Take back up of the application folder
  3. Delete the .aoi file
  4. Restart the AOS. This will rebuild the .aoi file.

Log back in and try posting and let us know how it goes.