Posting Error 'Sales Line does not exist...'

Hi, There is an error that says that “The Sales Line does not exist” upon posting. When inspected closely, this error happens because in the Document Dimension table, it has a dimension that does not refer to any sales line in the posted document. Upon deleting the unrequired document dimension, the posting can be done. Any ideas why this happened?


Hi, Any ideas why this happened?
Originally posted by jordi79 - 2004 Oct 13 : 10:49:21

Dimensions, dimensions, dimensions. Which Navision version? (However, still the latest one has problems with the dimensions). Might be a problem of the dimensions setup. Have you changed that recently? Regards Walter

the version is MY 3.10a. this databasa is customised. i was just wondering if this happens to standard navision. Because if this happens to standard, and it can be reproduced, i will post this to MBS right away. problem, is this problem is intermittent, and we can’t trace how it happened. [Sigh…]

Having dimensions in the document dimension table which are not related to documents is not unsusual. I remember that a customer posted only a few lines in a journal set by a filter and they lost all the dimensions related to the lines which were not within the filter (V3.00 or 3.01, that time called Solutions) or using the copy document functions which inserts dimensions which were not assignt by the setup anymore. Headquarter removed a lot of these features till now, but there a still glitches, I bet.