Posting Error - Credit Memo's NAV 5

On occasion, but not always, a client gets a posting error when trying to post a purchase or sales credit memo which was produced from ‘copy document’ or ‘get posted document lines to reverse’. It has only happenedon foreign currency transactions so far. I have turned of ‘Additiontal Currency Reporting’ but it still happens.The error reads ’ Amount -99999.99999999 needs to be rounded in Gen. journal Line Journal Template name = … '.The error occurs in codeunit 12 Gen. Jnl.-Post line at the following place …'IF “Additional-Currency Posting” = “Additional-Currency Posting”::None THEN BEGIN IF Amount <> ROUND(Amount,Currency.“Amount Rounding Precision”) THEN FIELDERROR( Amount, STRSUBSTNO(Text000,Amount));Has anyone come across this error? Any ideas how to get past it?Any help greatly appreciated.

Regards - Noeline

On occasion,

Hi Noeline,

I’ve never come across this error before, so I have no definite solution for You.

The error arises because amount is not rounded, according to the rounding-precision setup on the currency.
So my guess (and it is only a guess) is that some values are not validated properly.
Have You ever noticed if it is only specific workstations or users that have this error?
Do the user mark for the lines to be recalculated?
Has the document been released before posting?

Thanks for the quick response. If I simply ‘ctrl-x’ and the ‘ctrl-v’ on ‘line amount excl VAT’ it seems to solve the problem and the document posts. This obviously forces some kind of validate which the ‘get posted document lines’ did not do automatically as they are loaded.

I will re-look at the currency setup to see if I can find the problem there.

Regards - Noeline

You may get the same result just setting the cursor on the “line amount excl VAT” field, hit F2 and move the cursor. [:)]