Posting Discounts When Using Sales Prices

Hi, I’m seeking some advice on the best way to approach what I think will be a bespoke customisation. As we know using standard Navision you can configure the sales & receivables module to post sales line discounts given (i.e. 5%, 10% off Item unit price) to a separate G/L account by specifying the account code in the general posting setup. However this only works for sales line discounts, not special sales prices. For example if the Item card “Unit Price” is 10.00 and the customer has a sales price for the item as 9.00, when the order is invoiced I want 10.00 to go to the sales account and 1.00 to go to the sales discounts account.

I’m thinking this is basically a bespoke mod to CodeUnit 80 but I’m open to suggestions if anybody has experience doing something similar.

Any help appreciated,


Just an idea - you may suggest replacing Customer Item Sales price with Customer Item Discount (in your example it would be 10%) - then discount will posted as you need. In both variants you have to set up these prices/discounts (which may appear to be a HUGE job), but using Discounts instead of Prices don’t need any mods…

Is this a reporting mechanism or do you need the specific customer price from the RRP to post a difference to a discount account in the GL?

If you do not need any postings to the GL for these prices you could hold the RRP on the slaes line and report on the differences with the sales amount, of course you need to consider the lines that then have a valid discount causing a difference with the RRP.

another idea that need some customization - changing the way you fill in the amounts on the sales line. I mean, you put 10.00 in the Unit Price, and 9.00 * Quantity in the Line Amount and validate the field, in this way the discount % is calculated by NAV. But if the user need to change manually the Unit Price on the sales line you should: add a custom field “Net Unit Price”, let the user fill in this field instead of the standard one and calculate the Line Amount using the Net Unit Price

Hi guys, many thanks for the replies.

This is not just a reporting issue, I need the discounts to be posted to a separate GL account. I had thought about using line discounts but I really can’t see my client going for this - they deal with very large retailers who are set in their ways with fixed pricing. I kind of like the idea of the net unit price as it is still effectively automating Navisions standard behaviour underneath.

It’s given me food for thought, thanks.