Posting depreciation on Original exch. Rate

Hi All,

Issue : FA Depreciation on LCY

Book Currency - SGD
Additional Currency - USD

Jan Month - 01/01/08 - Exchange rate 1.4 against USD.

I buy asset for 1000 USD equal to 1400 SGD.

Feb Month - Current Exchange rate 1.35.

When we run the periodic activity, the system will use 1.35 as the exchange rate. But, I want the system to use the original exchange rate as 1.4.

Kindly advise me on how to run the periodic using the origianl exhcange rate, rather than the current month exchange rate.

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Hi All,

In the Depreciation books → Reporting Tab, put tick on min. 3 fields - Acquisition cost, Depreciation and disposal.

On the FA Masters, in FA Depreciation Book,

Insert the following fields next to Depreciation Book Code

FA. Add. Currency Code.

FA Add.-Currency Factor and specify the Origional exchange rate.

When you run the “Calculate Depreciation” batch job, system will take the exchange rate mentioned in FA Masters.


FA Add.-Currency Factor