Posting Deposit Error Message (Sales & Receivables)

Here some hint on ‘how-to’ solve an issue related to an error that one of our users reported.

Error Message: “You must specify Payment Disc. Debit Acc. in Customer Posting Group Code=‘TRADE’.”

What’s happen here is that the user accidently removed the G/L Account Receivables - TRADE from Sales and Receivables → Setup —> Customer Postings Groups ----> Payment Disc Debit Acc (Column) ----> ‘G/L Account number=12000’, then tried to run a ‘Posting Deposit’

After re-entering the G/L Account number back into the ‘Payment Disc Debit Acc’ column … as above detailed the user was able to re-run the ‘Posting Deposit’ without any problem.

But what setup causes the system to try and make an entry to the Payment Discount Debit Account? All of a sudden the General Journal we’re trying to post is indicating that an entry in the Payment Discount Debit Account for the Customer Posting Group is required.